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The Mage's Rhizome Wiki is an implementation of the rhizome idea discussed at the Ad hoc Leipzig Symposium of the BRCP. A comparable project within the maths community already running since 2009 is polymath, see the polymath Blog and the polymath Wiki.

Feel free to experiment and contribute. If a new topical area is created please use namespaces. For experimental purposes use the playground. Since the Wiki has been spammed massively before, new contributors have to get their account personally from me.

Other namespaces:

  • annualsymposium2021 - Annual BRCP Online Symposium 2021 (5-6 Nov 2021)
  • potsdam2019 - wiki of the Potsdam Meeting (30 Nov-1 Dec 2019)
  • berlin2017 - wiki of the Berlin meeting (25 Feb 2017)
  • standreasberg2017 - wiki of the Harz-Symposium (6-9 Jan 2017)
  • leipzig2016 - wiki of the Ad hoc Leipzig Symposium (24-26 Jun 2016)
  • cwf - wiki on conditional wave functions and trajectory methods in quantum dynamics
  • hamburgminicourse2017 - notes for a mini course held in Hamburg 3-4 Apr 2017 on some mathematical details of the Schrödinger equation
  • material - copyleft + non peer-reviewed written material of Markus Penz
  • refnotes - collection of BibTeX entries for handling references


Of course TeX-style math types are supported with the MathJax plugin, just use $ … $ and \[ … \] to escape inline or full-line math respectively. Automatic equation numbering is also possible if one uses \begin{equation} … \end{equation} just like in standard TeX. Beautifully…like this: \begin{equation} \mathrm{i} \partial_t \psi = -\frac{1}{2} \Delta \psi \end{equation}

Citations like [1] are handled by the RefNotes plugin which supports a centralised BibTeX reference collection in the refnotes namespace. Creating valid LaTeX code from the Wiki works by just adding &do=export_latexit to the URL.

You can highlight whole sections with <box> ... </box> where a few additional options are available.

Ideas for extensions

  • The plugin S5 Presentations offers a way to directly launch presentations from DokuWiki pages that use some extra markup. It is not so clear how LaTeX will perform, this must be tested.
  • Some plugin to include graphics like tikz (as SVG?) would be nice.

1. a Die gegenwärtige Situation in der Quantenmechanik
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Except where otherwise noted, content on this wiki is licensed under the following license: CC0 1.0 Universal
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