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Berlin Meeting 25 Feb 2017

12:00 - 23:00 / meeting spot is Willi's apartment / please write to Markus if you want to participate

We are organising a small meeting in Berlin to connect to recent topics at the Symposia in Leipzig and St. Andreasberg, more specifically the plan to establish a sort of co-working environment for science and other projects. Ideas like this were discussed during the Iversity session, the presentation of André's personal experiences, and in the main session at St. Andreasberg. We intend to spend one whole afternoon and part of the evening with discussions, also involving people from outside of BRCP who share interest in the topic or have previous experiences. We are expecting 5 to max. 15 persons. Points that we want to include:

  • presentation of the BRCP to all newbies
  • how to get science, work, life, education under one roof? in the words of the Iversity session: “create spaces for independent, free, creative, joyful, self-determined, cross-linked, emancipating, escaping, manifold, far-reaching, liberatory thought and action!”
  • introduction to “project workspace” by Willi and Florian. “We both came into the situation that we need some kind of an office. Inspired by André, we think about creating some kind of an alternative space that could be coworking space, meeting space, gathering space, a space just to enjoy and even a space to interact with people from different professions. We want to use this meeting as a discussion platform for our ideas and especially as opportunity to get new inputs.”
  • update from André of his project in Spain (written or via video-call, around 14h)
  • (input from Ingmar (contact of Leo) who already has some experience in the Berlin-area, canceled)
  • presentation of the so-called Mietshäuser-Syndikat as a possible model that could be adapted to working & living environments (Markus)
  • (ideas on the future of publishing in a copyleft utopia, linked to the rhizome_project and new peer-review models like PhysicsOverflow, skipped)

For all interested people who are not members of the BRCP, we want to clarify that although there were a lot of preliminary discussions, which can be found via the given links, this will be an autonomous event. Please feel invited, without having read anything before ;)


The event took successfully place and we had very nice and long discussions. We had one main session from around 1 pm till 7 pm with Willi, Ingmar, Markus, Claudio, Björn and Florian. Later Resi also joined.

Willi, Ingmar, Markus, Claudio and Björn right before the start of the main session.

We talked about nearly all the above mentioned topics (we only skipped the copyleft utopia) and a lot of side discussions arose in between. Interesting aspects of the discussions can be found in the wiki entries of the topics, respectively: project workspace, Input Andre. A big part of the discussions circled around the topic education, which is summarized in an extra page: Education.

With the end of the main session, our host Willi, Björn and Resi left and the rest continued the discussion while eating pizza and having some beers.

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