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  1. introduction of the BRCP and its goals to guests
  2. introduction of the workshop, the ideas and proposed topics: see notes below
  3. introduction of participants
Discussion Suggestions Florian
  1. Who are “we”: We are part of the BRCP, which means we are physicists (or mathematicians close to physics) and we are very critical with our “profession”
    • how fundamental is fundamental research today?
    • how free is the freedom of science?
    • is scientist as it is defined today a good job?
    • and especially, can science be done differently?
    • all these questions are fundamentally connected to the machinery that we are all part of and that we like to call “academia”
    • Thus it is almost inevitably to think science outside academia if we truly want to ask such questions
  2. Who are you?
    • Introduction round for people to get to know each other
    • scientists meet artists (why is this interesting?)
  3. Science outside Academia: We believe that the structure and organization of science influences strongly the way we do science
    • we will NOT discuss specific scientific topics, but want to talk about its structure. (That's why we invited also non-physicists)
    • when we relax the definitions of sciences that Academia sets, we will of course cross chances, but also many difficulties
      • what actually is science if not what a scientist at an institute does?
      • what is a scientist, if she or he does not have a contract from a scientific institution?
        (for some people these question probably seem very simple, but believe us, the standard scientific apparatus never challenges these presumptions!)
      • if science and being a scientist could mean more than the tight definitions of academia allow for, can we do better outside academia?
      • can research be done differently then in Academia?
    • this is what we want to discuss during this weekend and as a start we chose two perspectives:
      session 1 - processes in research
      session 2 - biographies in science
    • we reduced the predefined program to a minimum to give us a maximal freedom for spontaneous new discussion topics or whatever we together decide to do here
  4. formalities:
    • documentation: this wiki
    • fee
    • coffee/tea etc
    • dinner
    • evening in Potsdam/Berlin?
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